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My favourite pieces from Daniel Wellington #AD

Jan 13,2020 | By Ciara Glynn

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Top tips for what to bring in your carry-on

Oct 22,2019 | By Ciara Glynn

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How to keep hands soft and fresh

What's in it for me - Keeping hands soft and fresh

Keeping my hands clean and soft is always a priority of mine. I recently was sent a Hand wash and Hand cream from WhatsInItForMe? A brand which I had previously never...

May 21,2019 | By Ciara Glynn
Lip liners & liquid lipsticks
February Favourites
My favourite pieces from Daniel Wellington #AD


IMG 7586 

I think Daniel Wellington has to be one of my favourite Jewelry brands ever. I am not one for wearing watches or rings et...

Jan 13,2020 | By Ciara Glynn
Femme Luxe Collaboration
What I Wore in Lanzarote
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Anatomicals face masks review

Face Mask Review

Hi everyone,

Since the weather today is so horrible I thought it would be appropriate to post my review on the Anatomicals Face Masks because what else would you be doing on a rainy day like t...

May 20,2019 | By Ciara Glynn
BPerfect Strawberry scented tan
Irish Green Jewelry

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