TanOrganic-The Prefect Winter Tan

The party season is almost upon us which gives us an excuse to dress up and look our best. Of course no look is complete without the perfect tan so today I thought I’d give you a tan option in which I have really been loving recently. The team at TanOrganic sent me out a box filled with some beautiful products. In my box I recieved a self tan lotion, a multi use dry oil, a self tan oil, a self tan application glove and an exfoliator glove. I’ve been using these products for a couple of months now and I really love the effect that the tan gives. No streaks and looks quite natural on the skin which is prefect for a natural winter glow. Before I had recieved this box I had a bottle of the self tan lotion and I used it many times. I love how it turns out on the skin even in pictures it doesn’t look too dark and unnatural. It gives a really nice natural glow to the skin in my opinion.

TanOrganic’s Aloe Vera based self-tan formula contains no synthetic ingredients, parabens, colours or fragrances and is fully Ecocertified. This moisturising formula helps tan to develop with no unpleasant smell and is perfect for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. TanOrganic Certified Organic Original Self Tan is packed in dark coloured glass, which preserves the highly active organic ingredient. Glass packaging is inert, so there are no dioxins leaching into the natural formula like other plastic packaging can. The packaging of this tan is so nice it really makes the product stand out and look well.

Self Tan Lotion 

This super luxurious tan gives the ultimate natural-looking, radiant glow that lasts for days and fades perfectly. It’s really simple to apply leaving you with no streaks and it’s also odourless so there’s no strong tanning smell left on your skin when you apply it. This tan also helps to nourish your skin. As TanOrganic is 84% Aloe Vera based it leaves your skin hydrated and moisturised. Using TanOrganic is like using  pure Organic Aloe Vera juice on your skin and this ensures that  your tan won’t dry out or flake, and will fade perfectly.TanOrganic uses all natural ingredients making it the worlds first and only Eco-certified Self-tanning brand as its made from all natural and organic ingredients. This Self tan Lotion  is ideal for those with sensitive skin and also those who are pregnant as it is free from harsh chemicals, paraben’s, colours and fragrances. It’s really good Value as each bottle contains enough tan for 5 – 6 full body applications. It is available to buy from https://www.tanorganic.com/collections/frontpage/products/self-tan-lotion?variant=20715351687 for the price of €19.99

Moisturising Multi Use Dry Oil

This is an all natural oil that is instantly absorbed into the skin meaning it leave no oily residue. As this is a multi use bottle not only is it a moisturising dry oil and moisturiser but it can also be used as an after-sun, non-greasy cuticle oil, hair treatment oil and/or to give a beautiful finish to your foundation. TanOrganic’s Moisturising Dry Oil is a dry oil, made with a unique blend of Argan Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Orange Peel Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Hempseed Oil & Olive Oil.Use this daily to prolong your TanOrganic Tan and ensure that it fades perfectly. This is also available from the website https://www.tanorganic.com/collections/frontpage/products/moisturising-dry-oil?variant=20717424071 for the price of €24.99

Self Tan Oil 

This is apparently the World’s First Self-Tan Oil with simple application, no smell/odour and zero transfer. It’s the worlds first and only Eco-certified Self-tanning brand and made from all natural and organic ingredients. It is really  simple to use, just apply like any other body oil, wipe the palms of your hands once you’ve applied it and you’re done. TanOrganic’s Self-tanning Oil is absorbed really quickly into the skin and it is a clear liquid, so there is no risk of transferring it onto your sheets or clothes. It’s really excellent value as each bottle contains enough tan for 5 – 6 full body applications. This is also available on the website https://www.tanorganic.com/collections/frontpage/products/self-tan-oil?variant=20706637959 For the price of €24.99

Self Tan Application Glove

I’ve used a lot of tan application gloves over the years but honestly this is my favourite. It’s a really soft fabric with a thumb feature to ensure streak free easy application. It definitely a luxury application glove. It’s not rough on the skin and makes applying tan a lot easier. To use place your hand inside the glove and apply the self tan lotion to the surface of the glove. Using gentle circular movements apply to your skin, and repeat if required. This glove is a must have for applying tan and is available from the website https://www.tanorganic.com/collections/frontpage/products/copy-of-moisturising-facial-serum?variant=26556529479 for the price of €8.99

Tan Erase Ultimate Exfoliator Glove 

The secret to a perfect golden tan is all in the preparation. I always exfoliate before applying tan and after when my tan has faded to help remove any patches that may be left. Exfoliation removes  old dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin.Tan Erase gently exfoliates the skin by removing the dead layers of skin cells creating a closer shave and leaves the skin feeling luxuriously supple and soft. Before applying tan I would recommend to exfoliate as it then leaves you with the perfect base to apply your tan. Some benefits of using this Tan Erase Ultimate Exfoliator Glove are:

  • It is Gentle on skin
  • Make sure to Exfoliate once or twice a week
  • Ensures streak, patch free application
  • Leaves the skin looking healthy and smooth

This is Glove available here https://www.tanorganic.com/collections/frontpage/products/tan-erase-glove-tan-remover?variant=23676322247 for the price of €14.99
Always exfoliate before your TanOrganic application using  The TanOrganic TanErase Exfoliating Glove. The key to the perfect tan is light layering. Apply a layer of self tan lotion/oil with the tan organic self tan applicator glove then let it dry and go again for a deeper shade. It will result in a much more even application than one heavy layer.Wear loose clothing after application.Apply a moisturiser or dry body oil such as TanOrganic Muti Use Dry Oil every day afterwards to ensure the perfect fade.

From all the packaging to the products everything about this TanOrganic range is really beautiful.I would highly recommend TanOrganic Products to anyone. I feel they are really gentle on the skin and cause no damage, dryness or red patches. They have a whole range of beautiful products over on their website https://www.tanorganic.com/ which you should definitely go check out if you haven’t already. This is the prefect tan for a natural look and especially with Christmas approaching using Tan Organic will give you the prefect Winter Glow.
I recently was a bridesmaid and I used TanOrganic Self Tan Lotion for my tan on the day. I built it up over 3 days as I wanted a darker look and it really turned out perfectly. In person and in pictures I feel it looked natural and streak free with the glow that I wanted.

Don’t forget to follow @TanOrganic on twitter and  @tanorganicoffical on Instagram!
Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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Dermalogica Skin Health Heroes (Limited Edition) 

Hi Everyone,

Christmas is coming up which is my favourite time of the year. Today I thought I’d share with you a Christmas gift idea. I got this limited edition Skin Health Heroes Trio from Dermalogica which is one of my favourite skin care brands. This trio offers essential products that are favorites among Dermalogica users.The set includes a cleanser, a toner and a primer, delivering all the healthy essential your skin needs on a daily basis. It has a 50ml bottle of the Special Cleansing Gel, A 30ml bottle of the multi-active Toner and A 7ml bottle of the hydrablur primer. Giving you 3 of the brand’s top performers this trio of minis helps you to achieve a healthier, brighter and more youthful looking skin. These products are suitable for all skin types and conditions which makes it the ideal daily skin care regimen. Currently on the website dermaloglica of offering this as a free gift when you spend over €70 (T&Cs apply see website for more details http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk/by-category/

This set is ideal for these concerns: Aging Skin, Dryness and Dehydration. It is ideal for these Skin Types: Acne-Prone Skin, Mature Skin, Sensitive Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin. These products can be applied to the Neck and Face area.

Special Cleansing Gel (1.7 fl oz / 50 ml): A cleansing gel with no harsh detergents.This is a soap-free, foaming cleanser which thoroughly removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. To apply this product take a small amount of the product onto your hands and apply to a damp face and neck. I normally would use a clean face cloth to dampen my skin before applying this product. Rinse off with warm water. This product can also be bought on its own in a bottle of 250ml for the price of €35.60 http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk/special-cleansing-gel-250ml.html

Multi-Active Toner (1 fl oz / 30 ml): A toner designed to improve the hydration of the skin. This lightweight facial toner hydrates and refreshes the skin with its moisture-binding humectants that also condition the skin. To apply this multi-active toner spray directly over entire face and neck using the spray nozzle. Ensure to keep your eyes closed when spraying your face with this. Use it after cleansing your face at any time throughout the day. This product can also be bought on its own in a bigger bottle of 250ml for the price of €34.70 http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk/multi-active-toner-250ml.html

Hydrablur Primer (0.24 fl oz / 7 ml): A hydrating makeup primer with natural extracts and oils.This helps to blur fine lines and minimizes pores, meaning it locks in moisture and brightens the skin. To apply this primer smooth and blend over your face and neck. This can be worn alone for flawless-looking skin or under make-up for a smooth canvas. It is also available to buy on its own in a bigger tube of 22ml for the price of €48 http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk/hydrablur-primer-22ml.html

All of these products are available to purchase in full size on the website http://buy.dermalogica.co.uk/by-category/ which also has a huge range of other products to choose from along with some beautiful Christmas gift sets which are prefect stocking fillers. Head on over to the website and check out all of dermalogicas huge range of products. 

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx 
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Three Affordable Makeup Must Haves- Essence

Hi Everyone,

If there is one affordable makeup brand I really love using it has to be essence. Essence have kindly sent me out some products to sample so I thought today I’d share with you what I got. In my package I received 3 products which were : Matt Matt Matt long lasting Lipgloss, Rock’n’Doll crazy XXXL volume mascara, and Rock’n’Doll duo stylist eyeliner pen. I’ve been using this products in my makeup looks for the past few weeks and am so in love with them. I’ve used essence products before and have always liked them as a brand so when I recieved these products I was so excited to test them out. Essence provide affordable, fun and high quality products to the makeup industry around the world.

Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss 

 The creamy mousse texture of this lipgloss range provides long-lasting colour with a high coverage and a velvety-matt finish.I have always loved a nice matte Lipstick/Lipgloss but a lot of them tend to dry out your lips, don’t last very well and obviously make your lips appear chipped looking. Of course before trying this out it crossed my mind would it dry my lips out but honestly I can say it didn’t at all and is really creamy on the lips. It doesn’t feel like a matte Lipgloss at all which is a good thing as it doesn’t give you that dry tip feeling throughout the day. It lives up to its word of longlasting becasue it lasts for hours without a touch up. Even from the packaging of this Lipgloss it is pretty with a simple plain design, there is a soft  lip applicator that makes the application process easy even without using a lip liner. The colour I have in the Essence Matt Matt Matt Longlasting Lipgloss is a really beautiful shade from the collection which is number 03 called `Girl Of Today`. It is a burgundy colour with a velvety finish and is probably my favourite colour out of the collection. 

Rock’n’Doll Crazy XXXL Volume Mascara 

This specially shaped asymmetric brush with shorter and longer fibers covers each individual lash to ensure xl volume leaving you with perfect lashes even without having to apply  false lashes. At the moment this is my favourite mascara to use. I normally use a Mac mascara but it can be quite expensive. This is affordable and lasts really well. It is perfect for everyday use. It is ultrablack, provides prefect coverage to the lashes and also provides great volume. However You do have to give it a few minutes to dry on the lashes as the formula stays wet and sticky for a bit longer then usual but it’s worth it. The packaging is simple with a pretty thick chunky tube.The head of the wand is also a lot  thicker so it ensures thick and voluminous lashes. The formula is quite thick but you can spread it evenly enough to achieve a more ‘flawless’ finish. You don’t need much product on your wand as the formula is quite thick a small amount is just enough.

Rock’n’Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen

This ball-shaped felt tip eyeliner pen makes it super easy to create lines or dots for special, long-lasting eyeliner styles. Weather you find it easier to draw dots of lines to achieve your prefect eyeliner look then this is the eyeliner you need. I always do a winged liner style in my makeup looks but when I was only starting to learn how to create the prefect wing I found it difficult. It took me lots of practice to be able to create a winged liner look and thankfully now I can do it.My winged liner is still not prefect but it gets better the more I practice. I use to always find it easier to draw dots but now I’m the opposite and prefer lines. I feel that this is the prefect eyeliner for anyone starting out and wants to learn how to create different looks as it gives you the option of dots or lines which makes life a lot easier. If I had this liner back when I was learning to create different eyeliner styles I think it would have made my life a hell of a lot easier and maybe I would have improved quicker. I’d definitely recommend this eyeliner if your starting out or simply if you just want to create different styles at ease without any hassle. 

For Halloween I used the mascara and eyeliner to help create my look. It was quick and easy and also came off really simply with a makeup 

I also used the eyeliner to created the scars and tattoos for the Joker and also used it to create the Harley Quinn makeup look using it for the tattoos and winged liner also using the mascara applied over some false lashes as that’s what my client wanted!!

You can check out all of these products and more at the website http://www.essence.eu/index.php?id=2&noLang=1
Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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Contouring Lipglosses and Eyelash Treatments-NuSkin

Hi everyone

NuSkin got in touch with me and sent me out some of their new products. I’ve been using them now for almost 2 weeks and am totally in love with them. NuSkin have announced that they are launching TWO new colours to the Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss line. 

With the Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss it helps to keep your lips looking youthful, fuller and nicely shaped. This is an ultra-shiny lipgloss that features an oligopeptide that helps to define and contour your lips. It focuses on your Cupid’s bow and creates a contour effect as it increases the appearance of definition. The more you wear these lip glosses the better your lips will look!! 

Some of the benefits of using this lipgloss  are: 

•Contours lips, giving them shape and definition 

•Helps to enhance the skins structural protein production within the Lip tissue for fuller looking lips 

•Provides an ultra-long wearing shine on the lips 

•Provides an antioxidant to help protect lip tissue 


Apply most of the gloss to the centre of your lips, you can apply the gloss to your lips as desired throughout the day. I normally would apply it about 3 times a day which is the recommended about of times for optimal effect. For the best results use the lip glosses on bare, clean lips as it will give you a natural hint of colour. You could wear it ontop of a lipgloss but I find it’s just as good on its own.  

The Nu Colour Contouring Lip Gloss range has 3 fabulous shades to choose from which are Crystal Clear, Sweet Pink and Tender Beidge.  These will launch in the U.K. on the 16th of November 2016 and will be available to buy for £18.90 on the website http://www.nuskin.com If purchasing on the website from Ireland it works out at around €20.94 for the lip gloss. 

I really am enjoying using these lipglosses and with Christmas coming up they are perfect for gifts and stocking fillers. 

Along with the lip glosses I also received the NuColour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment. Everyone wants long, thick lashes but sometimes just using mascara isn’t always good enough. This eyelash treatment helps to condition and protect your lashes. It has a spooley brush to apply the gel which is great as it makes it easy to apply giving an even coat of gel to the lashes and even gets the small and short lashes that are normally hard to get at. 

What the treatment does

•Conditions and Protects delicate lashes

•Adds volume and thickness

•Defines and separates lashes

•Extends the wear of your mascara 

How To Apply the Gel

Apply to clean, product free dry lashes working from the root to the tips. As this is a clear gel product you can even wear it throughout the day without any mascara. You can even apply the product before you go to bed so that it can work its magic while you sleep. Also you can use this product on your brows to set your look and condition your brows which is like a bonus.

I use this product as a primer before using mascara. It leaves my lashes feeling soft and after applying the mascara I don’t even need to wear false lashes as this makes my natural lashes appear a lot fuller and helps them to stand out the way I want them to. These days it’s all about the lashes so this is definitely a must have product worth purchasing. The Nu Colour Nutriol Eyelash Treatment is available online at http://www.nuskin.com at the price of £30.30 which in euro works out around €33.57 

I had never used any Eyelash Treatments before this one but I must say I love this product and wouldn’t be without it.

I’d love if you could all go check out the NuSkin website with all their wonderful range of products on their. I really love them and would highly recommend their products to anyone!

Let me know what your thoughts are and if your going to check out the lip glosses when they launch on 16th November 
Much Love

Ciara Xxx


Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner 

Hi everyone 

The team at Dee&co are working with the brand Beauty Essentials and they got in touch and sent me out their new Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner. I love makeup and I especially love doing a smoky eye so when I received this I thought it was going to be great for getting that perfect smoky eye and I was right!! Basically it removes eyeshadow colours from your brush without having to use loads of different brushing so it’s really handy especially if you only have one blending brush and need to use it a few times during one look.

I’ve been using this now for about a week and I really love it. It’s perfect for switching eyeshadow colour throughout a look. I normally go for a dark smoky eye so this comes in really handy when I’m blending out dark colours and makes it so easy  to switch from one colour shadow to another  when using the same brush! 

How to Use: 

Press and rotate your brush on the Shadow Switch in a circular motion until all of the colour powders from your brush have gone. Test your brush on the back of your hand to ensure all colours have been removed.
How to Maintain:

To clean your Shadow Switch, use warm water and fragrance free soap.Leave it until it is completely dry. Regular usage can obviously wear down the sponge so it is recommend that you refill your Shadow Switch on average every two – three months.

I’m really loving shadow switch and I definitely feel it’s a must have for everyone’s makeup kits!! It is available to purchase on amazon 


Let me know what your thoughts are

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx