WhiteToBrown-My Current Favourite Tan

Hey everyone

I know I’ve done a few tanning related posts before but I just couldn’t hold out any longer without sharing this one. Before Christmas the team at White to Brown sent me out a gorgeous gift set for me to try. With Christmas being so busy I didn’t have the chance to try it out until the New Year. In the gift set there was a 250ml self tan lotion and a 250ml body wash. I love a tan that looks natural and isn’t too dark and this one ticks all the boxes. From the simple package of these products to the product itself it’s fab. 

I found it really easy to apply the tan. I used self tanning gloves (which I had at home myself) to apply the tan. It went on really smooth without feeling heavy or sticky on the skin. It develops into a natural golden tan within hours and it lasts really well for days. My skin is quite sensitive so I tend to avoid putting tan on my face as much as possible but with this I gave it a go and it really impressed me as my skin remained the same with no irritation, redness or spots when it faded which is a huge bonus for me. When fading out my tan I used the body wash in the shower and it faded really well with no harsh streaks. Both of these products have a really fresh smelling fragrance. The body wash is really light and refreshing which includes added moisturisers to soften the skin and leave it feeling really soft, and delicately scented.

As I’ve mentioned this rich,smooth, creamy tan gives the whole body a long lasting natural golden tan that develops in hours and lasts for days. At whitetobrown the company uses the ideal pH balance to work in harmony with the DHA in the tanning products to optimise your tan. White to brown also do not test products on animals. 

Both these products are available right now from the website here https://www.whitetobrown.net/ 

Self tan lotion is £15 (€17.55)

Body wash is £6(€7.02)

Here are a couple of my tips for extending the life of your tan: 

* Make sure to always exfoliate prior to a tan application

* Try not to apply any creams, oils, lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc to your skin before applying tan as this will just may cause marks, streaks and uneven application

* Try avoid contact with water during development time (i.e. Don’t take a shower straight after applying the product or go for a swim as the chlorine in the pool will affect your fake tan)

* Don’t exfoliate within the first week of applying your tan 

* After bathing or showering you should try to remember that the skin should be patted dry with a towel and not rubbed as rubbing will remove the tan unevenly

* Keep your skin well moisturised

* Any excessive spraying of perfume onto the body will cause your skin to dry out and may reduce the longevity of your tan 

Unfortunately I don’t have a full length picture of the tan as I forgot to take one but I did take a selfie which shows the tan on my face. I’m wearing it with a light shade of foundation to match the tan which is from rimmel.

Make sure to check out whitetobrown tan if you haven’t already. Currently this is the only Tan I use. I’ve been using it for the past 3 weeks and am in love. I’ll be ordering some more of this product very soon. Don’t forget to also follow white to brown on Instagram @whitetobrownuk and Twitter @whitetobrown to keep up to date with all things tan!!! 

Hope you all enjoy today’s post!!

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

FAKEAWAY- Salt and Chilli Chicken 

Hey Everyone

One of my New Years resolutions was to eat healthy as I don’t feel I have a great diet. So far I’ve been doing really well and can notice a difference in myself. My skin is looking better, I feel good and also my jeans are slowly but surely becoming looser. 

Last week when I was scrolling through Facebook I came across a slimming world recipe for Salt and Chilli chicken. I’m not a member of slimming world but I just thought I’d give it a go. I did switch up the receipt a little bit so it was more to my liking but it turned out really delicious and I’ll definitely be making it again.

To make this salt and chilli chicken you will need:

3 chicken breasts 

2 eggs 

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 green pepper

1 tsp Garlic powder 

1tsp sea salt

1 sachet of dry smash

Light soya sauce

Olive oil 

To get started I preheated the oven to 180c using a large tray and some tin foil I placed the tin foil on the tray with a tiny amount of olive oil rubbed over the top to prevent the food sticking to it. I then chopped up the chicken into small pieces and began to coat them. 

For the coating pour the smash potato mix into a dish and add 1 tsp of salt then mix together (as you can see in the picture above there is chicken oxo which normally would be crumbed in at this point with the smash and salt I just decided not to use it but it’s entirely up to you) Beat 2 eggs into a bowl and take your strips of chicken dip them in the bowl of beaten eggs, before rolling it in the smash dry potato mixture. Repeat this until all the chicken is coated.

Place the chicken on the tin foil on a tray and cook the chicken at 180 for about 25 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. 

While the chicken is cooking chop up a sweet potato into little strips and place on a tray into the oven and cook for about 20mins.

Using a wok add a small amount of olive oil and stir fry your chopped pepper , onion , chilli and garlic add a splash or 2 of light soya sauce and mix together. I did this on a low heat when cooking mine.

When the chicken is cooked through, add it to the wok with your vegetables and mix it all together. Then serve it up with your sweet potatoes and there you have it the perfect healthy, tasty “fakeaway” dinner!!! 

You could also serve it with noodles or rice or even chips. I just used a sweet potato but you can use whatever takes your fancy.
Hope you all enjoyed this and if you use this recipe or have any tips for me please leave them down in the comments.

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx
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Winter Hot Chocolate! 

Hi everyone
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Today is cold and miserable winters day here in Dublin so I thought I’d post about what I do in the evenings on days like today. Normally when I have finished everything I was to do throughout the day I get into comfy clothes (mostly just my pyjamas), take off my makeup and depending on how I feel I’d do a face mask or just put on some moisturiser. I then normally like to sit down with a nice big blanket and watch some tv or browse through social media.

I’m a huge fan of tea. I could drink it all day but normally on cold miserable nights I like to make a hot chocolate. Recently I made a hot chocolate using the Cadburys drinking chocolate mix and it was delicious. Here’s how I made it:

 Swirl 3 heaped teaspoons of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate into a mug of hot milk and stir (I normally would use full fat milk just because that’s mostly what’s always in my house) Alternatively, you can mix the powder with cold milk then place in microwave whatever way is easiest for you. The key is too keep stirring before drinking. I sometimes use 4 teaspoons of the mix as I find the more that’s in it the better it tastes (maybe that’s just me who finds that though)

I don’t like to drink things when they’re way to hot so I normally add a drop of cold milk once I’ve made the mix and stirred it up well. I then get some whipped spray cream on the top of my hot chocolate. Then I add some mini vanilla marshmallows with a sprinkle of the chocolate mix on the top just for decoration. Then all you have to do is grab yourself a biscuit or two and your sorted and can enjoy your fabulous Cadburys hot Chocolate!!

This Cadburys drinking chocolate 500g mix is currently available in Tesco for €2 which is where I bought mine 

Nice short and sweet post for today! Hope you all enjoy and let me know if you’ve tried this hot chocolate mix and what your thoughts are!
Much Love,

Ciara Xxx
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My Trip to London!

Hi everyone!!
Today I thought I’d post about my trip to London because I don’t know if it’s just me or not but I’m definitely feeling the January Blues and a holiday is what I need.

 In early December myself and my best friend Shawna headed off to London for a girly weekend. We had booked this back in September so we had been so excited since then. We thought we deserved a nice little get away to finish of the year because we had worked so hard throughout 2016 so it was the perfect way to finish it off. We booked our hotel through booking.com which was my first time to book anything on it and it worked out perfectly. I’d definitely use it again and recommend it to anyone. We stayed in a hotel situated on Old Kent road called the Eurotraveller premier inn. It was very basic but suited us perfectly as we done this trip on a budget.

Our closest underground was Elephant and Castle it was about a 15/20 minute walk away which wasn’t too bad. Our hotel was right beside some restaurants which were really lovely. We ate in a Mexican one of the nights and it was fab. They also had a cocktail deal 2 for £7 which was even better. 
On the street we stayed on there was also a lovely little cafe called ozzies we ate here a few times and ordered a set 3 every time because it was really fab. There was also a Lidl close by which was quite handy and of course a dominos to cure them drunk food cravings. We were only in London for 3 days so it was a quick visit but we got a lot done. 

Our flight arrived in London just before 10:30am so we had loads of time to get to our hotel and go adventure. We were in our hotel and everything just before 1pm so on the first day we stopped for some food (a set 3 to be exact) in ozzies cafe then headed on in to Westminster to see Big Ben and the London Eye. We walked around London for a bit before heading back to our hotel where we then went to a Mexican called costa azul and of course had a few drinks. 

The next morning we got up early and headed to Victoria and of course we stopped for a Starbucks because it wouldn’t be us not to. After our Starbucks we walked around the streets of London and got to Buckingham palace where we stopped and took a few selfies because why not? We then walked around some more before heading to Hyde Park. Winter wonderland was on in Hyde Park while we were there so we decided to go in and have a look. It was magical from the moment we walked in. I had never been before but I think it’s my new favourite place. I definitely want to go again. It’s so Christmassy and festive. We got some churros off one of the stands and strolled around for a bit before playing some games and winning a few teddy bears. We then headed back towards our hotel and stopped off at Nando’s mostly because we adore the hummus starter from there. If you haven’t tried that starter I’d definitely recommend it you won’t regret it. After our Nando’s we then headed for a few drinks and enjoyed the night. 

The next morning we got up packed our bags ready to leave, checked out and headed straight to ozzies cafe for the good oul set 3. We then headed to Camden Town where I met some of my family who live there and they kindly showed us around Camden. We stopped at the Camden markets as well and bought some goodies to bring home. We finished of the day in a pub called the Ice Bar before heading to the airport for our flight home. Our flight wasn’t until 10pm that night so we had loads of time to do some last minute bits. 

It was a great trip one that I’ll always remember. We did so much in the few days we were there. I haven’t even included it all but these are just some of my highlights I thought I’d share with you all. I think that everyone in life needs a travel buddy to go and adventure to new places with now and then. Also it’s great being able to travel with your best friend and make lots of memories to last a life time. 

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post also please make sure to follow my pal Shawna on Instagram where she posts all about healthy food and wellbeing. @shawzie4real 
Much Love 

Ciara Xxx

If you have any suggestions on where we should travel to next please leave them in the comments!! 

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The Perfect Christmas Gravy!

Hi Everyone!!

First off Happy New Year! I know I haven’t posted in a while but I was purposely waiting for the New Year to start fresh. I particularly was waiting because for Christmas I got a new camera so I can’t wait to take lots more pictures for my blog and hopefully improve throughout the year. 

I know Christmas is now over and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas I know I really enjoyed it but it’s now time to get back to work and into a routine. A couple of weeks ago the team at Essential Cuisine sent me out a package which I saved to go with my Christmas dinner as in the package was Turkey Gravy mix. My favourite part of Christmas is the food which I’m sure many of you will agree. My Christmas dinner is traditional and includes Turkey, Ham, Roast Potatoes, some Veg and of course gravy!

We normally have 3 courses a starter, main and dessert. Our starter is normally a prawn and smoked salmon salad which is always amazing. Our main is the usual Turkey and Ham and our dessert this year was Meringue with strawberries and fresh cream.

As I mentioned essential cuisine sent me out some turkey gravy mix which we used with our Christmas dinner. It was honestly one of the nicest gravy’s I’ve ever had and my family would agree. It comes in a cute little pot which is perfect for storing away in the press and can be used a couple of times which is great. As it’s not out until Feb 2018 I can use what’s left throughout the year even with chicken. You can use the gravy on its own or add it to the meat juices which is what we did and it tasted delicious. 

To make the gravy simply whisk 3 teaspoons of gravy mix into 250ml of water in a suitable saucepan ( if you want add the meat juices as well I added them in at this point when making the gravy) slowly bring to the boil and stir constantly until thickened. Allow to simmer on a low heat for about 3 minutes and then serve your perfect Christmas Gravy!

You can check out all the stock available here on the Essential Cuisine website http://www.essentialcuisine.com/ if your a lover of cooking then I’d definitely recommend checking them out!

You can also follow them on twitter @E_Cuisine

Happy New Year!

Much Love 

Ciara Xxx
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