AA Skincare Conditioner Review

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FINALLY ITS FRIDAY!! That week felt never ending. We all love weekends and it’s a time to relax, meet up with friends, go on nights out, whatever it might be we all want perfect hair for the weekends. Recently I came across a brand called AA Skincare (Amphora Aromatics) if you seen my Mother’s Day post well then I’m sure you know a bit about them and what they do. AA Skincare contacted me and sent me out a conditioner from their hair care range.

They have an exclusive range of shampoos & conditioners. All bursting with natural ingredients, there will be a choice
for every hair type and they’ll work wonders on your hair and scalp to ensure you look your very best after every shower. 

I received the Rosemary, Sage&Burdock fragrance. It smells beautiful and the packaging is also really pretty. It’s an antioxidant rich conditioner with natural extracts to help repair damaged hair and promote a healthy scalp. Packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair, leaving it feeling super soft, shiny & strong.

This is a nourishing and volumizing conditioner made with stimulating Rosemary Essential oil, conditioning Argan Oil and moisturising Shea Butter. A naturally inspired, vitamin rich conditioner to help your hair feel happy, healthy and more manageable so you can wear it in any style you want and it will still look fabulous.  This conditioner is suitable for all hair types.

How it works

Rosemary essential oil, Burdock & Sage work togetger to boost hair growth and increase volume. Basil oil stimulates circulation and Rose Geranium helps to repair and protect damaged hair.

How to use 

Massage into clean, wet hair after using Rosemary, Sage & Burdock lift & repair shampoo (which is also available from the range) Leave for a minute and then rinse out thoroughly.

Active ingredients in this conditioner 

Argan Oil – Conditioning and nourishing; helps protect hair and can promote growth.

Honeyquat 50 – Moisturising and conditioning. Helps promote volume and thickness in the hair.

Silicone derived from Olive Oil – Helps offer elasticity to hair. Makes hair more manageable and leaves feeling silky and smooth.

Rose Geranium – Helps reduce signs of inflammation and restore balance. Also known for stimualting hair growth; particularly beneficial to dry hair.

Coconut Oil – Soothing and calming. Moisturises the hair from root to tip, whilst helping reduce signs of irritation in the scalp.

Shea Butter – Intensely moisturising; often used to soothe irritated skin due to its calming properties.
Panthenol Derived from Vitamin B-5 – Its molecule structure helps it to attract moisture to the hair.
Jojoba Oil – Deep cleansing. Excellent for use on greasy hair as it helps to balance oil production.

Sweet Almond Oil – Rich in Vitamin E, Potassium and Zinc. Used on the hair to promote growth, volume and shine.

Rosemary Oil – Volumizing, stimulating and naturally cleansing. Particularly beneficial to darker hair.
Sunflower Oil – Gently moisturising and hydrating. Helps prevent breakages and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth.
Burdock – Thought to add volume and shine to the hair by stimulating hair growth and promoting a healthy and balanced scalp. Rich in Zinc & Vitamin E.
Bay Oil – Useful for helping prevent hair loss, reducing dandruff and nourishing the roots to stimulate growth

Murumuru Seed Butter – Rich in Vitamins C & A along with Omega Fatty acids 3, 6 & 9. Helps repair damage and lock in moisture.

Brazil Nut Oil – Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A & E. Naturally moisturising for the hair.
All in all this is a really great hair product. I’ve found such a different in my hair it looks and feels so much better and the shine is amazing. I would highly recommend this conditioner and I definitely will be repurchasing a bottle along with the matching shampoo. This is a 250ml bottle and is available online for £5.94 


You can follow AA Skincare on twitter and Instagram @AASkincareuk and keep up to date with all their lastest news!
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AfterDrink- A Different Kind Of Food Supplement! 

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Happy Wednesday! 

Recently a company called AfterDrink got in touch and sent me out there New alcohol-related health supplement designed for health conscious people who enjoy a drink  or two! 

I personally have never tried supplements of any kind but I am curious to see how this works. This little tub contains 48 capsules meaning there are 16 servings in each container as the serving recommendation is 3 capsules at a time.( 1 bottle equals 8 nights out! )

What you need to know about AfterDrink 

These capsules are a unique combination supplement containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts. With 26 ingredients boasting anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and energy releasing properties. These support normal liver function / mental performance and reduces tiredness & fatigue.

There are many mechanism in which alcohol exerts damage on our bodily systems. Dehydration is the most well known factor because alcohol acts as a diuretic (makes you pee more fluid than you consume). However this is just a single factor contributing to the overall damaging processes. This is why having a few big glasses of water before bed helps a little but doesn’t really do the job as I’m sure most of us know by now. 
Consuming even a few alcohol drinks leads to the buildup of “reactive oxygen species” – also known as free radicals. These are highly unstable molecules which damage the cells they come into contact with. This is a major contributing factor to the classical “hangover” symptoms which include fatigue, headache, nausea, weakness and anxiety. With AfterDrink it combines the power of 4 different nutrient categories including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts to supply the body with the raw materials it needs to support the natural antioxidant system in order to clear up the free radicals that are produced as a by-product of alcohol metabolism.
Just putting it out there AfterDrink IS NOT a hangover cure ( https://www.afterdrink.co.uk/ ) however it will certainly help you feel a lot fresher so that you’re able to be more productive with your day and feel generally healthier. Its designed to be taken as and when required which is very different to any other health supplements on the market that are designed to be taken on a daily basis over a long period of time.AfterDrink is​ ​tailored for​ ​healthy individuals who don’t need a daily multivitamin but could do with an extra antioxidant boost after a long day in the office, big session at the gym and in particular, a few too many at happy hour. 

How to use/take:

  • When consuming alcohol take 3 capsules before going to bed after your big night out
  • The following morning take 3 capsules 
  • Ensure to take these capsules with with a glass of water for each serving

These capsules are available to purchase on the website https://www.afterdrink.co.uk/ and can be bought for the price of £17

Personally I still don’t know weather I like the thoughts of supplements or not..

What are your thoughts on supplements especially one after a night out? Have you tried any before? Let me know in the comments below!
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Roccabox- monthly beauty box subscription 

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and got to eat lots of chocolate. I know I’m full up with chocolate and need to get back into eating healthy and looking after myself. So today my post is all about treating yourself/looking after yourself. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard of many different ‘beauty box’ subscriptions where basically you sign up for a certain price to receive a box full of different products each month. I’ve recently found a beautiful subscription box which is perfect for every woman in need of a little pamper.
The company that have sent me out one of their gorgeous boxes to try is Roccabox.  

Roccabox is a beauty members club offering a chance to try out and test must have makeup, skincare and hair products. The best thing is the products are delivered to you in a gorgeous box every month. Each month you’ll receive a box of a couple of different beauty treats. At a great subscription price of £10 this is certainly a must have box. When you subscribe to a monthly beauty box subscription you’ll be billed for the first box on the day you place your order with delivery of the both within a few days. After that you will then be billed on the first of every month and receive your box within a week but don’t worry you’re not tied into anything meaning you can log onto your account at any time and cancel your subscription. 
What is so lovely about this box is that each month is full of goodies hand picked by different influencers. So I’m sure your wondering what’s in this months box? 

In this April Roccabox it contains 5 full size products worth £55. 
First up you get a full size bottle of the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum. I love John Frieda products I’ve used a good selection of them throughout the years and this serum didn’t let me down. My hair goes frizzy all the time and I hate it but from using this product it has definitely reduced the frizziness and I’m really happy with the results. Also it gives a great shine to my hair. This product is available for £6.99 and in my opinion is definitely worth it. 

Next is Nails Inc. Gel Polish. I love nail varnish and go through so many because I hate being without a colour on my nails. One of 5 colours the colour I received in this months box is Porchester Square. It’s like a nude toned colour. I had never tried this brand before but it’s really good. It last really long on the nails (about a week with no chips) and also gives a gel effect which almost makes it look like your wearing a shellac varnish. It’s really simple to apply and highly pigmented meaning one coat does the job. It’s available to purchase at the price of £14. 

Next in the box is a Smith & Cult Lip Laquer. First off the packaging of this product is FAB. It’s quite a sticky lip lacquer and is a stunning shade of coral pink. I find it shows up and looks best on its own but is perfectly fine to wear over lipsticks too. This product costs £23 to buy. 

Next is the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy. This product is so handy to have in your handbag. If your like me you’ll always have a hand cream to grab at anytime. This smells incredible and leaves your hand feeling soft and fresh. It has a really nice texture. It retails at £8 and is definitely worth a purchase for your handbag or bedside locker. 

Last but not least in this months box is the Kure Bazaar Pedicure Ritual. As we know spring/summer is mostly spent in bare feet walking through sand and playing in the sea which can be rough on our feet. This product is basically like a spa treatment at home and is super nourishing on your feet. It leaves them really soft and ready for summer. For the price of £4.50 it’s a must have. 

And that’s it! 5 stunning products delivered to your door from this April Edition. I really think this is a beautiful beauty box and it’s a great way to try out different products. 

The surprise of what’s going to be in next months box also makes it super exciting. I hope you guys love this box as much as me and also give Roccabox a follow on Instagram @roccaboxuk and also on twitter @roccaboxuk 
You can also subscribe and check out their website to receive your monthly both over on their website https://roccabox.co.uk/
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Ciara Xxx
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Easilocks NEW Celebrity Range Hair Pieces 

Hi everyone

Hope your all having a lovely week! Today I’m here with a post all about Easilocks Hair Extensions. I’ve been asked to create a few different looks and I have been testing out wearing these extensions over the past couple of weeks. I was sent 2 clip in hair pieces from the new celebrity range at easilocks. I received the Hollywood Ponytail and the Superstar Piece in the colour lightest brown biscuit sand and vanilla.

These are both 2 beautiful pieces from the celebrity range. I have never had extensions before clip ins or micro beads ect. So I honestly didn’t know what to expect as I’ve not got much experience with them. I have always heard great things about easilocks and from my experience with the brand it certainly lives up to expectations and is nothing but pure class. The extensions are SO simple to use (and that’s coming from someone with no experience with hair extensions.) They match PERFECTLY with my hair colour and they look NATURAL!!!!! 

What’s also great about these pieces is that they can be styled in so many different ways and are also heat resistant. This non-human hair range looks and performs just like human hair. The hair pieces can be shampooed, blowdried, straightened, and curled with up to 180 degrees Celsius. AMAZING RIGHT?

The Hollywood Ponytail

This first piece from the collection is the Hollywood Ponytail. The Hollywood ponytail is subtle yet super glam and can be attached to your natural hair in seconds, instantly transforming your look. This Hollywood ponytail is 16 inches long and 80 grams in weight. From my experience wearing this piece it stays in place all day and doesn’t hurt your head or leave any marks etc.

How to apply the hair piece

1) Tie your natural hair into a high/low ponytail or bun.

2) Slide the comb clip of the Hollywood ponytail into your natural pony or bun.

3) Use the allocated excess hair to the side of the piece to wrap around the connection to ensure a natural blend. Use a bobby pin to hold in place if needed.

4) Enjoy your HOLLYWOOD look!!

Here are 2 looks I’ve created using this Hair Piece!!



The Superstar Hair Piece 

This piece is the Superstar Hair Piece. The Superstar Hair Piece is a multi layered heat resistant non human hair piece that introduces massive amounts of volume and length in an instant. This amazing new heat resistant range by Easilocks looks and feels like human hair which is amazing and gives such a natural effect. The Superstar piece is 150grams in weight and 22 inches long. From my experience wearing this piece it’s really lightweight and is so easy to style in different ways.

How to apply the Hair Piece 

1) Backcomb the crown area of your natural hair.

2) Place the slide comb area of the piece onto the backcombed area.

3) Comb your natural hair over the connecting area for a natural looking result.

4) Enjoy your SUPERSTAR look!! 

Here are 2 looks I created with this hair piece!!



All Easilocks products can be found in their website https://shop.easilocks.com/ also don’t forget to follow them on twitter @Easilocks and Instagram @Easilockshair 

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

I’m running a competition to win a EASILOCKS HAMPER! All you need to do to enter is comment which look I created above you like the best and why! Also follow me on Instagram @CiaraaGlynn and comment the same which look and why you like it best on my Easilocks post for a second chance to be entered into the competition! Winner will be announced soon. 


Springtime Scents

Spring is now in full swing, the bright evenings, crisp air and everyone in a good mood. This spring why not embrace it even more with a fabulous uplifting fragrance from the wonderful brand that is Roger&Gallet. This fragrance is significantly linked to help alter the mood and also offers boundless holistic benefits. 

Today I’m writing about a new gorgeous scent I’ve been loving this spring. Even the packageing is so appealing and brightens up my bathroom. It’s definitely going to be coming with me on my summer holidays too this year. It’s such a beautiful scent. I received a gorgeous perfume from the range. The scent I went for is “Cédrat”. It’s a really beautiful Citrus aroma that is perfect for the spring/summer months. I love citrus smells and for a perfume this one is certainly one of my favourites. Grapefruit, Cardamom and White amber all come together in this bottle to exude sunshine and evoke memories of playful summer days. It’s an ideal boost on even the most tiring and miserable days. I’ve been wearing this perfume for quite a while now and from my experience the scent last really well, it fits perfectly into any bag and gives a great boost to your day with such a fresh smelling fragrance. This comes in a 100ml bottle and is available in Marks&Spencer Beauty Halls and selected pharmacies nationwide retailing at the price of €39.75 and is also available in a smaller bottle of 50ml for the price of €29.90. It’s a must have scent this summer!

Also from this gorgeous brand there is a wide range of shower gels available. I also got mine in the fragrance “Cédrat” it matches perfectly with the perfume and would be great as a pair for a gift for someone or just to treat yourself. It is really refreshing on the skin and leaves your skin smelling amazing.This perfumed shower gel gently cleanses while respecting natural balance of the skin, which regains its tone, softness and suppleness. For best results I would advise applying this to wet skin either in the shower or bath and rise off once you have rubbed it all into your skin. It’s definitely one for your travels this summer as it’s scent is so refreshing and will get you smiling this spring/summer. Just like the perfume this is available in Marks&Spencer Beauty halls and selected pharmacies nationwide. It can be bought for the price of €13 for a 200ml bottle. 

You can check out the wide range of the stunning Roger&Gallet products available online from the website http://www.roger-gallet.ie/site/pages/homepage.aspx also there is a range of these products you can purchase from the Marks&Spencer website http://m.marksandspencer.ie/mt/www.marksandspencer.ie/on/demandware.store/Sites-IrelandSite-Site/en_IE/Search-Show?cgid=IE_SubCategory_10272850&sz=24&un_jtt_redirect=un_jtt_iosV 

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Be sure to check out this brand and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Have you bought any of these products before? 

Much Love, 

Ciara Xxx

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Quick&Simple Easter Nests

Since Easter is just around the corner and most people get their Easter holidays tomorrow I thought why not post a simple recipe for all to make over the coming over! This is such a simple recipe and is. It time consuming whatsoever. It’s so simple to make for kids or even for your Easter party you may be planning. I love making these Easter Nests so ingredients are super cheap and it’s so quick to make. Not only do they look great but they also taste AMAZING!!! 

What you will need for this recipe is: 

200g milk chocolate, broken into pieces

85g shredded wheat, crushed

2 x 100g bags mini chocolate eggs

cupcake cases

It’s not necessary but it does help by using a cupcake tray which is what I used when making mine.

Firstly I placed 12 cupcake cases into my cupcake tray 

I then filled up a pot half way with some water placing on a low heat to barely simmer and then placed a Pyrex dish on top of the pot. Breaking up the chocolate into pieces I placed them into the Pyrex dish and when they began to melt I used a spoon to mix the chocolate. 

Once the chocolate has melted crush up your shredded wheat and add to the chocolate. Stir well to combine.

When the mixture is well combined, Spoon the chocolate wheat into the 12 cupcake cases using a teaspoon and press the back of a teaspoon in the centre to create a nest shape. Place 2-3 mini chocolate eggs on top of each nest. Chill the nests in the fridge for about 2 hours until they fully set.

And that’s it! Simple, right? You then have perfect little Easter treats to munch on over the Easter season!

Hope you all enjoy today’s post and let me know if you try out this recipe. Also leave me some comments on what other Easter Treats I should have a go at making over the next week or so!

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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What I got from MAD BEAUTY! 

Hey Everyone!
New Monday New Week New Goals!!

Today I’m posting about a brand I recently found. Mad Beauty. I had never heard of them before until I came across them on Instagram. Mad Beauty is the leader in design led cosmetics for both gifts and professional sectors. The MAD beauty designers work so hard to provide a wide range of novel, fun and interesting items so your sure to find something for everyone. They got in touch and kindly sent me out a beautiful package so today I’m going to go through all the bits I got in my package from MAD BEAUTY http://www.madbeauty.com/

In the package I received a fab Tiger Head Band, a hand care set, 2 hand sanitizers, 2 face masks and the never grow up Disney lip gloss trio set!

Starting off with the Head Band. I received the Tiger Head Band which is so adorable. The Head bands are available in 3 different designs: a tiger, a panda and a dog. These cute make up headbands hold back your hair off your face really well in order to create the perfect makeup look without your hair getting in the way. I use my Tiger Head Band all the time and wouldn’t be without it. It’s really cute and super soft so doesn’t hurt your head or leave any marks which is what every girl wants. These 3 designs are available on the mad beauty website for a really affordable £3.50 

Next I received a mad beauty floral hand care set in the fragrance coconut. This set is available in 3 different fragrances: Lemon & Mandarin, Coconut and TuberRose. This modern florals is a collection of soaps and hand creams that take inspiration from contemporary design led fragrances and packaging. In this little package you receive a hand cream and a nail file. Coconut is one of my favourite smells and this hand cream smells so incredible I use mine on a daily basis. This is also available on the website for a really affordable £4.99 and is perfect as a treat for yourself or even as a gift for someone.

I also received Two Hand Sanitizers. One is from the collection of Fruit Moisturising Hand Sanitizers in the fragrance Lemon. It comes in 3 different fragrances to choose from: Lemon, Pineapple and Kiwi. The best thing is not only do they smell amazing but are also Non sticky and really moisturising on the hands. They also kill 99% germs and due to they’re slim containers they fit perfectly in your handbag. Perfect for summer. The second fragrance I received is from the Floral Moisturising Hand Sanitizers range. I got the coconut fragrance. It’s available in 3 different fragrances: Coconut, Lemon & Mandarin and TuberRose. These are all the same as the fruit Hand Sanitizers just from a different range but equally is amazing. These are definitely cute and convenient little gems that keep your hands fresh and clean. A handy little handbag must have. These are all available online for £2.99 so FAB!!

I also received Two Face masks from the mad animask collection. There are 3 designs available: a tiger, panda and a dog. I got the Tiger and the dog. If your like me then I love to relax and put on a face mask at least once a week. It’s such a cute range of face masks. I love them. They can be bought for £2.99 each and leave your skin feeling so fresh and clean after using. 

Finally I received the GORGEOUS Disney NGU Lip Gloss Trio. I’m not gonna lie my Disney fan girl came out when I seen this. I love all things Disney but sure who doesn’t? As some of you may know Mad Beauty have a fabulous Disney collection for men and women available on their website. For so long Disney movies have provided some classic and inspirational sayings over the years and this Disney range has added some of their favourite quotes to their products that they felt were most suitable for getting ready to go out. Each lipgloss tube has a rose gold foil text and consists of 3 great fragrances: strawberries & cream, perfect peach and cheeky cherry. Each tube is 10ml and this set is available to buy online for £5.99 perfect for any Disney Lover! 

Each tube has a different quote. They read: 

“Even Miracles Take a Litttle Time”- Fairy Godmother

“I’m Late For a Very Important Date”- Alice in Wonderland 

“Practically Perfect in Every Way”- Mary Poppins

I adore this set and everything in the Disney range is so unique and different. And the best thing is all the products are SO affordable!

I honestly couldn’t recommend mad beauty enough. You can find something different for every type of beauty lover on their website. I love their website and all available it’s so different and fabulous!
You can follow mad beauty on Twitter @Mad_Beauty and on Instagram @madbeauty go check out their website and I’m sure you’ll find something you love 

That’s all for today let me know what your thoughts are on Mad Beauty and/or have you ever got any thing from the website http://www.madbeauty.com/

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx 
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