How to create the perfect eye looks with NYX

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Today is just a quick post about some NYX eyeshadows I received recently. If your looking to create super cool eye looks then these shadows are for you. I got 6 colours which are:

1. Bright purple/Versatile…Volatile

2. Dark purple/Dark Swan 

3. Brown/Sunset daze

4. Sparkle brown/Voodoo

5. Bright green/Venom

6. Dark green/ Bewitched 

These 6 colours are all really individual. They have an amazing pigment which honestly lasts all day. I’ve been wearing these especially ‘sunset daze’ constantly over the past couple of weeks and honestly love them. The shadows are really creamy making it really easy to blend them out into a smoky eye look if you wish. 

I’ve used some NYX products over the years and I always love their products. They are really reasonably priced and are super affordable for all makeup lovers. I feel these shadows are perfect for all makeup lovers of all skills and the different looks you can create can be for a day or night look which is really great. 

These products can be bought online or in selected pharmacies nationwide such as McCabes.
I hope you all enjoy this little blog post.

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Protect your skin this summer with IDC, Delarom and Uriage 

Hey everyone 

I hope your all enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having at the moment! I know I am.
As most of you know I recently did a giveaway on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some gorgeous travel sized products from Delarom Paris, Uriage and IDC. Since most of us are stuck in the sun this past week I thought I’d share what products where in my giveaway and what I use them for. 

First up in my giveaway was this fab travel sized kit from Delarom Paris which included 4 mini sized travel products these were: a mini face cleansing gel, a mini moisturising body lotion, a mini bath and shower gel and a mini acquaconfort cream. 
The Face Cleansing Gel comes in a 30ml bottle. Personally I use this in the evenings as it exfoliates your skin so once I’ve removed all makeup and products from my face I use this. It’s perfect for travelling or for using after a long day at work or out and about in the sunshine.

The moisturising body lotion also comes in a 30ml bottle. I love a good moisturiser and this one is perfect on the skin. It leaves your skin feeling really soft and even suits sensitive skin which is something I always look for in a product as I have mentioned before if you read my previous blog post I do have sensitive skin and the simplest of products can set it off but I can assure this moisturiser for me has not reacted with my skin in any way. It also smells incredible and if Delarom did a perfume of this smell I’d definitely buy it.

The bath and shower gel contains sweet orange essential oil so it literally smells like your bathing in a bath of fresh oranges. I have used this is both the shower and bath and I really love it. It’s also suitable for all skin types so again my sensitive skin has had no reactions with this product. It also comes in a 30ml bottle so it’s perfect to pack for going to the gym, swimming pool or travelling for a weekend away.

The Acquaconfort cream contains Aloe Vera and is suitable for all skin types. My skin tends to dry up in the sun so this past week I’ve been using this mini product on any dry parts of my skin and it’s really helped to hydrate my skin and bring it back to normal. This comes in a 15ml bottle but small doses goes a long way. This handy little travel kit containing all 4 products can be bought online and even as individuals you can check out the full range here:

My face always tends to dry up in the sun and also is so red before hand so the sun just makes me look even more red in the face. This next product is the Uriage Thermal Water. It contains all pure and natural ingredients and originates from France. I’ve never tried Uriage products before this one but it really works wonders and helps reduce the redness in my face. To use this product you basically just spray it onto a clean and dry face and just let it soak into the skin. There’s no need for rubbing or using a cloth with this product. It’s so so nice and refreshing on hot sunny days which is why it’s definitely a must have for anyone going on holidays this year or just suffers in the heat. It not only cools down your face but it also helps to soothe and protect your skin. I really love it and the best thing is there’s no limit on how much to use so you can spray it as many times as you like on your face. It definitely has helped reduce my redness in my face and helped my skin to not dry out as much. This product comes in a 50ml bottle but a bigger bottle is available and can be bought here:

The final product is the IDC hydra seal spf 25. This honestly is perfect for all year round use. I always look for Foundation with a good spf but if I can’t find a good spf protection I tend to use a sun cream under my Foundation to help increase the protection of my skin. This past week I have been using this IDC hydra seal spf 25 and it has worked wonders not only does it leave my skin feeling and smelling amazing but at the same time it’s protecting it. I normally use this product in the mornings applying to my face and neck before exposing my skin to the sun. I tend to just apply it once in the mornings and that’s it for the day I know that’s probably not good enough but I just feel that Ireland isn’t so sunny all the time so once is enough. Of course if I was in a hotter climate I’d apply this to my face at a minimum of twice a day. This product comes in a 50ml bottle and can be bought here:

That’s all for today I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and as I’ve mentioned before I’ll have more giveaways coming soon!

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How to get rid of Frizzy Hair!!

Hey everyone!
Today my post is all about hair!! I have been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease collection over the past few weeks and I’m really loving it. I suffer with frizzy hair like most people do. If I straighten or curl my hair the moment I walk outside the door or a drop of rain hits it it’s like a Frizz ball. I have always been looking for a product that will help calm down all that Frizz. I’ve tried so many but they just never lived up to what it said on the bottle.
When I received this package with John Frieda products I literally tried them out straight away that night. I’ve honestly found these products to work really well for my hair, they leave my hair less frizzy and really soft and shinny. I have used John Frieda products before in their hair spray, hair moose and in the Frizz Ease original 6 effects serum and I absolutely loved them all. 

What I got from John Frieda was: 
The Frizz Ease Anti-Frizz Primer:

This Anti-Frizz primer helps so much with reducing the frizzyness of my hair. This leave-in primer realigns the structure of your hair, strand by strand, to strengthen your hair’s immunity, to build frizz immunity with every use. With a blend of pure coconut oil and glycerides this primer works hard to help fight the onset of frizz from the inside out, to improve your hair’s texture and manageability, for noticeably smoother hair. This primer also absorbs quickly into wet hair to ensure a silky-smooth style as your hair dries, while offering essential heat protection. I always use this product on wet hair and it works perfectly. This comes in a 100ml bottle
The Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner:

With this shampoo and conditioner it helps to repair the look and feel of dry, damaged hair while restoring natural frizz defences for noticeably silky-smooth results. It contains Amino Repair Complex, meaning that unmanageably frizzy hair can now be a distant memory and this shampoo helps instantly reverse 75% of surface damage for 3x smoother hair. With conditioning agents, this targeted formulation helps to seal split ends, while providing intense nourishment for touchably-smooth hair. I really would recommend this shampoo and conditioner if your looking to treat your hair to something different and get rid of your Frizz. I would recommend using them in combination for best results. These are available in 250ml bottles.
The Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery repairing Créme Serum:

This serum helps to visibly transform dry, frizzy hair and repair damage for healthier-looking, silky-smooth results. With an expert blend of conditioning agents, this serum helps to seal split ends while preventing further damage to frizz-prone hair. I honestly have found this serum to work really well for me. I normally apply it to wet hair just because I find this works best for me. This serum is available in 50ml bottles. 
These products can be bought in store or online at also log onto the John Frieda website for more information about all of their ranges of products at 

These products are around €7.99 each but if your buying from boots they offer 3 for 2 on these John Frieda products so it’s definitely worth it to buy there to get that offer.
Hope you all enjoyed today’s post!

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 Ciara Xxx

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How to achieve younger looking skin 

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are so far having a lovely 4 day week. Recently I received some lovely products from Christian Breton Paris. Christian Breton Paris are the eye care experts!!

I had honestly never used any of this brands products before mostly because it was a little out of my price range. I received 3 products from the brand which are: Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour masks, Dark Circle and Puffiness Eye Contour Masks and the Serum Corrector.

These are a pack of three eye contour masks. I think every one has some sort of little fear about getting wrinkles so when I was so excited to try these out. So far I’ve only used just one set of patches but my skin definitely feels a lot firmer which is probably thanks to the firming collagen in the masks. 

To use these eye patches or masks whichever you like to call them it only takes 3 simple steps and only takes up about half and hour to complete meaning it’s perfect to use in the evenings when your relaxing and taking some time to yourself.

To Use:

1. Clean your face and towel dry

2. Remove the protective film layers from the masks and place onto the skin under neath your eyes

3. Leave these patches on for about 20 minutes and peel off.
There’s no need to rinse or apply anything else onto your skin once you have removed the patches. 

The next pack of masks I received was the Dark Circles and Pufiness eye contour masks. To be honest I really love these patches. Again they come in a pack of three with 2 patches (one for each eye) in each set. These patches help to reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles leaving your skin appearing firmer. Like I mentioned in the last pack I’ve only used one pack well it’s the same situation here I’ve only used one pack so far but from using this one I’ve really noticed a difference as the dark circles under my eyes have really reduced and again just like the pervious pack these are perfect to use in the evenings when taking some time to yourself as they take nothing more then half an hour to complete the routine. 

To Use:

1. Clean face and towel dry

2. Remove the protective film layers from the masks and place onto the skin under neath your eyes

3. Leave these patches on for about 20 minutes and peel off.
Again there’s no need to rinse or apply anything else onto your skin once you have removed the patches. 
Moving onto the final product and the one I’ve used most of is the Serum Corrector. Just like a color-corrector for undereyes, this cream helps to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles instantly. This white serum is a cream serum, white in colour yet lightweight. It turns translucent when dabbed onto the skin and disappears as it goes deeper into skin, leaving your under eyes evenly toned. It is also a good base for eye makeup.

Since using this product I find less need for concealer as my Dark-circles have reduced. Pigmentation in the skin is lightened as the unique blend of White Tea Polyphenols and Mallow Extract Bio White ingredients help to lighten. My eyes feel really soothed and refreshed after using this product. It is essential to pair this eye serum with a UV Eye Protection SPF30 and for best results it’s essential to use this product continuously for 8-10 weeks applying morning and night. 

On the Christian Breton website you can find an entire range of eye and Skincare products to suit every type of skin or issue you may suffer with. You can have a look on their website here: 

Products range from about €39-€140 which I know is out of price range for a lot of people but it’s worth an investment if your looking to have flawless skin.

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post

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