My Skinade Journey So Far 

Hello Everyone,
HAPPY MONDAY! Today is just a short quick update of how I’m getting on with my Skinade Journey.
As the beauty industry is full of lots of different anti-aging products that claim to make your skin look younger and of course flawless. From creams and lotions I’m sure most of us have tried or will try them out at some stage in our lives.

For the past 20 days I have been using Skinade. I was kindly sent a 40 day trial so I’m currently half way through my pack which is why I wanted to write this post to let you all now how I’m finding it so far and ill do another post once I’ve completed the full set.

 Skinade is a liquid meaning this is a drinkable supplement so its a lot different to your normal skincare routine. This serum claims to boost the natural production of collagen in the skin. 

This drink has a mangosteen and natural peach taste, and it doesn’t have any artificial flavors or colorings. Skinade is also free of any toxins. Although it doesn’t smell great when you open up a bottle it tastes a lot better then it smells. You just take one bottle each morning I tend to take it after my breakfast so it can do it’s job throughout the day 

As opposite to most anti-aging products that are lotions and creams, Skinade works from inside out. It restores depleted collagen in the skin to help give you more plump and younger looking skin so as you go about your day skinned is working from the inside out to make your skin almost 77% better then it was reducing fine lines and wrinkles too.
From my experience so far my skin has definitely improved. It is a lot softer and appears a lot clearer then before with and without makeup. I have combination skin so I do suffer from dry patches but so far Skinade has seemed to have reduced any dryness in my skin as since taking this I have not suffered from any dryness, redness or even spots. 

Being a drink I did have a worry that it wouldn’t agree with me and make me feel nauseous but honestly it hasn’t its just like drinking some tropical juice except this one does wonders for your skin. I still have another 20 days to go in my pack but so far I am really impressed with the results. As I am just doing this post as a little update of how I’m getting on I’m not going to go into all the details and other peoples results until my final post once I’ve completed the set but for now I’m loving how my skin is at the moment its making me feel a lot more confident within myself so I’m hoping in my next skinned post my results will have improved some more.

You can check out Skinade on Instagram: @Skinade to keep up yo date with whats going on within their company 

Thats all for today if anyone does have any further questions about skinade please feel free to message me

Much Love,
Ciara Xxx
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How to keep your hands soft and fresh||WhatsInItForMe?

Keeping my hands clean and soft is always a priority of mine. I recently was sent a Hand wash and Hand cream from WhatsInItForMe? A brand which I had previously never tried but had heard some great things about their products. As some of you may know this brand is a Sister brand to the well known brand Anatomicals. This brand has a whole range of different products from body care to haircare and skincare.

This brand is cruelty free which I love and also the packaging of these products are really plain and simple which is something that makes the brand unique and stand out in my opinion. I really love the look of each product.

Hand Wash:

A nice hand wash is always great to have in the bathroom especially for when you have visitors coming over or when you just need to give your hands a freshening up. This hand wash is a fresh citrus scent that soothes the skin. It smells just like Summer in a bottle. It didn't dry out my hands and left them smelling amazing. I love products that have a nice scent to them and these certainly do. I always use hand cream after washing my hands so by using the WhatsInItForMe? Hand cream after the hand wash has certainly worked wonders for me. My hands feel so soft and smell so good all the time. The combination of the Hand wash and Hand cream makes them a perfect pair and you'll defiantly love your hands after using these products.
The hand wash retails at £7 which works out around €8 for a 250ml bottle and can be bought in store in Harvey Nicols of online here:

Hand Cream:

Hand cream is also great to always have in your bathroom. I love to use hand cream, it's something that is so simple to have with you in the car or your handbag to ensure you always have soft hands. I especially love using hand creams once I've painted my nails or hand them done as it just softens up your hands and gives a nice feel to them. The size of the hand cream is perfect to slip into your bag or even pack in your suitcase for your travels. Since using the hand cream my hands are so much softer and feel really good with no dry skin. On the front of the packaging, the hand cream has many different ingredients listed that are all good for tour skin. This hand cream smells of grapefruit and is the perfect fruity scent for your hands. A small bit goes a long way with this product so if your looking for value for money this will certainly last you a while. The hand cream retails at £8 which is around €9 for a 100ml tube which can be bought in store in Harvey Nicols or online here:

These products are at a great price for value for money and I would definitely recommend them. They have a huge range of different skincare, body care and haircare products that can be bought in store or online here:

You can also follow WhatsInItForMeUK on Instagram to keep up to date with what's going on!!

I hope you all enjoyed today's post let me know if you've tried any of the products from this range and what's your thoughts by leaving me a comment below

Much Love,
Ciara Xxx

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Love light highlighter and Milk chocolate bronzer review – Too Faced

I recently received 2 products from a brand called Too Faced. Honestly I had heard so much about this brand and their products but I myself had never tried anything of theres out before.

What I got was the New Too Faced Love Light prismatic highlighter and the New Too Faced milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer. As I've mentioned I had never tried anything from this brand before but I wish I had of tried it out sooner.

The new Too Faced highlighters come in three different shades inspired by precious metals. The three shades go by the names of:Blinded By The Light which is a creamy off-white colour, Ray Of Lightwhich is a rose gold shade and You Light Up My Life which is yellow gold toned. Too Faced certainly haven't disappointed with their packaging design. Each highlighter comes in an absolutely adorable heart-shaped mirrored compact which is super handy and stylish to take with you anywhere even if it's just to check your makeup in the little mirror.

The shade I received in the highlighter was Ray of Light which is the rose gold shade. I love anything that's rose gold even my phone is rose gold so this was definitely the perfect colour for me. These are all universal shades so they suite pretty much any skin tone. As mentioned it comes in a cute heart shaped compact which is also rose gold to match the highlight. First off impressions of the packaging gets a 10 out of 10 for me. Pigment of the product is really good and shows up nicely on the skin. It also lasts on the skin for a good few hours so you'll definitely get the night out of it and a few nice pictures before it starts to fade. I love having my highlight GLOW and this product certainly does that. For me personally I'd recommend using as small amount first as the product is really build able so you will be able to achieve any look your going for with this product.

Next is the milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer. I got mine in shade light/medium and it's a perfect match for my skin-tone. I love this product and not just because it smells like chocolate but because it's matte and shimmer free it gives a gorgeous tan effect to the skin and combines perfectly with the highlighter that gives the perfect glow. This product is basically "all the tan without the twinkle". I never really go for matte bronzer but this product has definitely made me changed my opinion on them. Personally I am really impressed with this product and it lasts really well on my skin. It also shows up really well in pictures making you have the perfect bronzed look.

This bronzer also comes in the original shade which is just called chocolate soleil bronzer and that's the darkest shade in the range but personally I feel the milk chocolate bronzer is perfectly toned and gives a gorgeous tan effect to the skin which isn't too light or too dark.

I really love this products but they are on the more expensive side. The highlighter can be bought here
and retails at €30 per highlighter.

The milk chocolate soleil matte bronzer can be bought here and also retails at €30 per bronzer.

These products are more expensive but are worth the investment if your looking for a product to last you a really long time.

Hope you all enjoyed today's post. Leave some comments below and let me know what your thoughts are on Too Faced products. Also don't forget to follow them on Instagram @toofaced

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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NYX- Away We Glow Liquid Highlighters Review

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves a good highlighter. I’ve so many different highlighters in my makeup drawers its like a big decision each day as to what one to use. I’ve tried out so many different highlighters some good some bad but one thing I’m always unsure of is liquid highlighters. I always find I go for a powder highlighter over a liquid highlighter as I’ve never been too keen on liquid highlighters, I find some can leave my skin very sticky and uncomfortable so I always tend to just pick up a powder one. I love highlighters and anyone who knows me knows I love to have my skin GLOWING!!

Until recently when I received 2 liquid highlighters from NYX Professional Makeup I would never have thought I’d actually like a liquid highlighter. I’m such a huge fan of NYX Professional Makeup as all of their products are so beautiful, easy to use and are super affordable for any makeup lover. I received 2 shades from the NYX professional Makeup Away We Glow Collection. The 2 shades I received were Crystal Glare(AWG04) which is a white champagne pearl colour and Rose Quartz(AWG05) which is a rose gold pearl colour. There are 9 different shades to choose from in this collection so there is defiantly a shade to suit every skin tone.

How I use mine is I grab a small about of product onto the wand and dab it onto my skin on the places I want to highlight. With these products a little bit goes a long way but they are really buildable so depending on the look your going for id recommend just starting off with a small amount of product on the wand and build it up if you want to achieve the look your going for. Personally I tend to always reach for Crystal Glare just because it really suits my skin tone but with a tan Rose Quartz equally looks just as good. I tend to dab the product directly onto my skin using the wand and then I just blend it out by either using my finger or a beauty blender.

These products are really lightweight and don’t leave your skin feeling irritated or sticky. They blend out so easily and leave you with a stunning dewy look which I absolutely love. Whether your going for a natural or super glam look these will definitely help you achieve whatever type of look your going for. Personally for me these products are amazing and I’m definitely going to pick up some more shades from the collection to try out. If you are prone to oily skin I would recommend maybe using a powder highlighter over the liquid just to set and keep everything in place.

Overall I am such a fan of these liquid highlighters which I never thought I would be but they leave you skin looking amazing with a gorgeous dewy look which I absolutely love.

These liquid highlighters retail at €10.50 and can be bought from Arnotts,, and from selected pharmacies nationwide (I do know McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum stock lots of NYX Professional Makeup products) you can also purchase these along with a whole range of other fabulous products from

I hope you all have enjoyed todays post, let me know what your thoughts are on liquid highlighters and/or have you tried out any of the away we glow range yet


In the video I am wearing Crystal Glaze so you can just see how my skin just glows throughout the video.

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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How to Get Whiter Teeth with Instant Whites

Hey everyone

So I have always wanted perfect white teeth and I'm sure a lot of others are the same. I have considered getting my teeth whitened but the expense is just too much and then theres always the question in the back of your head "will it work?".

Over the years I have tried many different teeth whitening toothpaste and kits which some have helped a lot but others just not at all.

Recently I discovered Instant Whites and I thought to myself I need to try this. I was so lucky to receive one of their New CoCo Bright White Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kits (yes I know the names a bit of a mouthful), I tried the edit out the other night with a doubt in my mind saying this won't work but no word of a lie IT WORKED!!!

Basically this kit is a Light Activated Teeth Whitening System which leaves your teeth feeling so much cleaner and up to 8 shades whiter without the use of any peroxide. Now from my experience I wouldn't say my teeth are 8 shades whiter but this kit does work and has whitened my teeth better then any other previous kits I've tried. I used to have braces and I'm a huge lover of tea so my teeth do have yellow stains just like most people. After using this kit I would say the yellowness in my teeth has severely reduced and my teeth appear much brighter then before.

This is a really safe and effective light activated coconut based formula which makes it easy to get whiter teeth from the comfort of your home. It is specially formulated by clinical dentists and used for in clinic whitening too. The mini light activates the whitening gel delivering clinically proven results of up to 8 shades in 7 applications. Ive now only used the kit twice so my teeth are not 8 shaded whiter but lets hope over the next couple of applications the results will improve even more.

How to use
This kit is super simple to use and heres all you have to do:

1. To activate the mini accelerator light remove the plastic shield from under the batteries, its recommended to brush, floss and dry your teeth before each application.

2. Attach the dual mouth tray to the mini light, then attach one of the applicator tips to a gel syringe.

3. Apply a maximum of 1ml of the Instant Whites™Coco Bright White gel to each inner wall of the mouth tray, make sure to focus more on the frontal 6 – 8 teeth that are visible when you smile.(Ensure you do not over fill the tray)

4. Switch the mini light on and sit the filled tray directly against the teeth. Hold it in place with your lips and use for 30 minutes per day.
Rinse mouth and tray with warm water after use.

So simple to use and the results are amazing. Here is a before and After of my teeth from just ONE application!

What you get in this kit is:

•3 pre loaded Whitening Gel syringes which each contain 5ml of the whitening formula

•7 Applicator Tips which help to spread the product onto the mouth guard/tray

•It comes with 1 Dual Mouth Tray and 1 Mini Light which attach together

•This kit also includes 2 Batteries for the mini light.

Personally I'm such a huge fan of this teeth whitening kit and its so affordable for something that actually works. This kit retails at 27.99 BUT for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can purchase this kit for 19.99

Hers a link to their website where you can shop Instant Whites full range of teeth whitening essentials including the CoCo Bright White Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit:

I hope you all enjoyed todays post, any questions please feel free to message me or comment down below.

Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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How to keep your Blonde Hair Bright with KEVIN.MURPHY

Hey everyone,

Happy Wednesday!

For all you blondies out there I'm sure I'm not the only one who suffers from yellow toned, dull and dry hair literally ALL THE TIME? Recently I discovered KEVIN.MURPHY who kindly sent me out their latest product SHIMMER ME BLONDE. This is a shine treatment spray created specifically for highlighted, blonde and/or grey hair shades. My hair is blonde and has been bleached so many times no matter what I use I can never get it to a nice look and feel. I was really excited to try this product has I had previously seen other bloggers at the launch and using it themselves at home. Ever since I got this product I have been non stop using it. It's MAGIC!!

The package of this product is also so so cool when you shake the bottle it's like a magical liquid of glitter that appears. It also makes a really cool boomerang. If you can see in the pictures the first one is without being shaken the second one is when the magic is released.

The new SHIMMER ME BLONDE is formulated to counteract any unwanted yellow tones in your hair. It also will enhance colour as it treats your hair leaving it super soft and shinny. I personally find with my hair it looks more yellow then blonde but shimmer me blonde has truly brought my hair back to life. I find with this product it leaves my hair looking and feeling a lot more natural rather than that straw look and feel of it. Especially with my hair being blonde I feel that from all the bleach it has lost its natural shine and feel to it. From using SHIMMER ME BLONDE I honestly can say it feels and looks in the best condition it has been for years.
I recently went to the salon and they used all KEVIN.MURPHY (because I asked) products in my hair you can see a before and after picture below.

How to Use

Apply the product to damp, towel-dried hair or dry hair. I normally spray it in once I've had my shower and my hair is still damp. Give the bottle a little shake before using. You do not have to rinse your hair after applying the product just leave to dry naturally or style as desired. It basically works as a conditioning treatment for you hair.

As well as the SHIMMER.ME BLONDE I also received the Blonde Angel wash which is a colouring enhancing Shampoo and also the Blonde Angel which is basically a treatment conditioner.

Blonde Angel Wash: This shampoo promises to add volume, thicken, reduce breakage and is colour safe meaning it won’t strip the colour from your hair. It's purple in colour and looks amazing. This has definitely done all of the above, my hair feels thicker, looks much more voluminous.

Blonde Angel: This conditioner treatment is really soft and gentle on the hair and is also purple in colour. It gives my hair a gorgeous shine and most importantly looks super fresh and shinny just like I'm after walking straight out of a hair salon.

I’ve been using them every second day for the past month and my hair has honestly never looked so good. If you’re looking to get some really good hair care I couldn't recommend better. KEVIN.MURPHY cater for all hair types so no matter what your hair colour is you'll be sure to find the right products for you.


You can check out the full range of products KEVIN.MURPHY have to offer including all the products mentioned above here on the website

I adore this range so much much and I wish I had of tried it out sooner. I'm such a HUGE FAN of KEVIN.MURPHY

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Much Love,

Ciara Xxx

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How to tan quickly using Skinny Tan 

Hey everyone
I hope you all have a lovely weekend and for those of you heading to longitude this weekend I am very jealous. Anyway this isn’t my first time to post about a tan as those of you who have followed me for a while now will know I regularly post about tans as I love trying out new tans all the time. 

This time it’s a new one for me it’s called Skinny Tan. Being honest I had never heard or even seen of Skinny tan before but I wish I had of known about it sooner. very fair skin. Skinny Tan offers a one-for-all solution, no fair, medium or dark shades. I didn’t know what to expect at first but my oh my I am super impressed with the results. 

I’m terrible for leaving things till last minute especially when it comes to tanning I could apply a tan on the morning I need to be tanned and sometimes it just doesn’t turn out in my favor. With this tan it’s an express tan meaning Skinny Tan Express lets you express yourself and choose the level of your tan, so if your sometimes like me and leaves things a bit last minute then this tan will definitely be your best friend. 

I also received the skinny tan not with mine which I use every time I’m applying this tan. The mit is really nice, it helps to spread the mousse evenly onto the skin while also protecting your hands from getting any tanning mousse on them. In just one hour you get the results that are perfect for a natural look if you want leave it for 2 hours and get the deeper darker mousse Dark effect, And in just 3 hours you can dare to go even darker with results that are flawless and always streak-free. When I say always streak free it honestly is streak free this tan is so so easy to blend and I’ve not had any problems since using it.

If your not the best at tanning or just not that comfortable as it may always go wrong well then this tan will certainly help you weather your a beginner or a tanning expert it’s super simple for everyone to use. It blends out really easily and is also quite moisturising on the skin it doesn’t dry it out or go patchy.  
With this you can Tan in 1 hour and it claims to last for 14 days straight. Personally I’ve found it lasts well for at least 5 days depending how long you leave it on for I normally just do an hour before showering as this gives a really natural look and it fades really well afterwords. 
Skinny tan is available in the UK but the best news is it’s coming to IRELAND!!!

I’m so excited and can’t wait for you all to try it
For my Irish followers for now You can order it online here 
UK followers
Make sure to follow @skinnytanhq on Instagram to keep up to date with all the lastest news 
Hope you all enjoyed today’s post
Much Love,
Ciara Xxx
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Skinny tan – “Tan, tone and smooth naturally. Streak, paraben and cruelty free with a delicious holiday scent!”

What I wore in Lanzarote 

Hey everyone,
Happy Monday! 
I just got back from my trip to Lanzarote and I have such bad holiday blues. I’m already trying to plan where to visit next.
Today I thought I’d do a post on some of the outfits I wore whist on holiday. I will over the next few weeks do a full post about where I stayed, ate and all my recommendations for visiting Lanzarote but for now it’s just all about the outfits. 

First up is this black floral dress. I adore this dress it’s so comfortable to wear and looks great on. I picked this up in penny’s (Primark) and only cost me €8. I got mine in a size 8 and there’s still plenty of room. I love how it sits off the shoulders and looks fabulous with a tan. I paired mine up with some tan coloured sandals in which I also picked up in penny’s (Primark) and only cost €13. The shoes are really comfy and easy to wear. 

I loved this dress so much I had to pick it up in another colour in the same size so I got a gingham red and white colour in it and it’s exactly the same. Comfy and looks good on. It also only cost €8. 

Next up are these super cozy wine coloured culottes. I picked these up in penny’s(Primark) and they were on sale at the time for €5 I couldn’t resist. I could only get them in a size 10 but they are too big luckily there is a lovely little matching belt that comes with them so I was able to tighten them in. My top I got from Zara and was €19.99 in a size small. It’s super cute and could be matched up with loads. I love white tops, skirts, dresses etc especially while on holiday because it always looks good with a tan. My shoes are from penny’s(Primark) and cost €6

Some of the nights I liked to keep it really simple and just wear some denim shorts because who doesn’t love a pair of denim shorts whilst on holidays. Again I got my shorts from pennys(Primark) they were €15 and I got them in a size 10. They have little studs and pearls on each side of the pockets and rips that make them even more stylish. I wore it with a grey lace bralet also from penny’s which was €10. My top ties at the front and cost me €19.99 from Zara. I got it in a size small as that’s the size I always get once I buy from Zara. My flipflops are also penny’s(Primark) and were €5 they are so comfy and feel like slippers I could wear them all the time.

Again wearing the same shorts as I mentioned above from penny’s(primark) just this time I wore them with a different top. It’s a blue and white striped Bardot top which is also from penny’s(Primark) and cost only €6. I got it in a size 8 and again plenty of room. My sandals are also penny’s(Primark) and we’re €6. This Blue outfit in the sun really shows off my tan which I love and wish it would last forever. 

These are just a few of the outfits I wore during my time in Lanzarote. If you can’t tell from this post yes I am a HUGE Penny’s fan and would buy the entire shop if I could.
I hope you all enjoyed this post let me know your thoughts on my outfits etc. 
Much Love,
Ciara Xxx
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Daniel Wellington New Classic Petite Collection & Discount Code

Hey everyone!
Keeping it short and sweet today. 
Recently I received a gorgeous watch from Daniel Wellington. It is from the new classic petite collection. I’m so happy with the watch first off the strap on the watch fits perfectly as it can be adjusted to fit any wrist size which I find great as I’ve very small skinny wrists so usually watches etc tend not to fit but this one is perfect. Also the dial on the watch is really clear and easy to read even in sunny weather which is great as I love a big watch thats clear and simple to read. 

This is my only watch from Daniel Wellington and I picked the classic petite Melrose in rose gold colour. I love anything rose gold as I’m sure most people do too it’s a really nice colour to match up with jewellery and outfits and it’s also a perfect all year round colour. 
As I’ve mentioned this watch is from a brand new watch collection called the Classic Petite Collection. I love the entire collection as the watches are all so individual and elegant. What’s great about Daniel Wellington watches is that the actual strap on the watch can be changed. These can be bought separately meaning you can have a white leather strap one night and a rose gold strap the next. Whatever suits your style. There are plenty of different watches and straps to choose from on the website. If I could have them all I would. 

The most exciting/best news about this post is that I have been given a discount code for you all to use to receive 15% off everything on the website just use my code CIARAGLYNN15 at the checkout on I’m in love with my #DWClassicPetite watch and I can’t wait to wear it all throughout summer. Daniel Wellington also offer free worldwide shipping. So what are you waiting for head over to and order your brand new watch today!! 

Much Love,
Ciara Xxx 
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How to create the perfect eye looks with NYX

Hey Everyone!
Today is just a quick post about some NYX eyeshadows I received recently. If your looking to create super cool eye looks then these shadows are for you. I got 6 colours which are:

1. Bright purple/Versatile…Volatile

2. Dark purple/Dark Swan 

3. Brown/Sunset daze

4. Sparkle brown/Voodoo

5. Bright green/Venom

6. Dark green/ Bewitched 

These 6 colours are all really individual. They have an amazing pigment which honestly lasts all day. I’ve been wearing these especially ‘sunset daze’ constantly over the past couple of weeks and honestly love them. The shadows are really creamy making it really easy to blend them out into a smoky eye look if you wish. 

I’ve used some NYX products over the years and I always love their products. They are really reasonably priced and are super affordable for all makeup lovers. I feel these shadows are perfect for all makeup lovers of all skills and the different looks you can create can be for a day or night look which is really great. 

These products can be bought online or in selected pharmacies nationwide such as McCabes.
I hope you all enjoy this little blog post.

Feel free to leave me some comments or questions and I’ll get back to you

Much Love,
Ciara Xxx
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