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My favourite pieces from Daniel Wellington #AD

Jan 13,2020 | By Ciara Glynn

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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Top tips for what to bring in your carry-on

Oct 22,2019 | By Ciara Glynn

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How to keep hands soft and fresh

What's in it for me - Keeping hands soft and fresh

Keeping my hands clean and soft is always a priority of mine. I recently was sent a Hand wash and Hand cream from WhatsInItForMe? A brand which I had previously never...

May 21,2019 | By Ciara Glynn
Lip liners & liquid lipsticks
February Favourites
My favourite pieces from Daniel Wellington #AD


IMG 7586 

I think Daniel Wellington has to be one of my favourite Jewelry brands ever. I am not one for wearing watches or rings et...

Jan 13,2020 | By Ciara Glynn
Femme Luxe Collaboration
What I Wore in Lanzarote
Random Stories
Beauty Blog Awards

Last week, Thursday the 27th of September the Irish Beauty Blog Awards sponsored by Tan Organic, took place in Lillie’s Bordello Dublin.

May 20,2019 | By Ciara Glynn
Quick and simple Easter nests
Quick & Easy Pancake Recipe

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