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Top tips for what to bring in your carry-on


Summer may be gone but that doesn't mean that our travels are over for another year. If you’re going on holiday this autumn, you’re probably starting to think about what you should bring with you.
Sometimes it can be hard to pack for a trip, especially when packing a carry-on bag as you never know what you might need. That is why I have put together a handy list of some essentials that you should bring in your hand luggage for your next trip away.

Backpack or carry-on case?

I always put my camera equipment and computer stuff in my carry-on. My go-to bag for every trip is a backpack that I can fit everything into. I normally just use a school bag or a carry-on case depending on where I'm heading to. I pack my equipment neatly in between some soft objects such as towels to ensure nothing breaks or gets damaged on the journey.

Clear resealable bags for liquids

I use clear resealable pouches for any liquids that I need to bring in my carry-on. I normally pick these up in my local shop or at the airport. I like to pack them at the top of my carry-on case so that they are easily assessable when I reach security.

Some snacks

This is probably my favourite thing about packing because who doesn't love snacks? I usually pack granola bars, almonds or little packs of peanut butter plus an apple or banana.


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However, no matter where I'm going I will always pack some chocolate. Recently on my travels, I like to pack a Cadburys 30pc less sugar bar. It tastes delicious and is a great alternative if you’re trying to lower your sugar intake.

Earlier this year I decided to cut back on my sugar intake but I found it hard especially when travelling and I couldn’t give up my beloved chocolate! With options like this now available on the market, I find it a lot easier.

Nap time

I always like to pack some sleep essentials so I can recharge while travelling. Some airlines no longer offer pillows and blankets to economy passengers so it’s always best to be prepared!

Travel pillow

I always like to take a travel pillow with me wherever I go. I normally opt for the memory foam ones for extra comfort.

Eye mask

Eye masks are essential to block out the light on long trips.


If you want to block out all noise and get a good sleep, earplugs always come in handy.

Comfy shoes

I always like to wear comfortable runners when travelling and I like to bring fluffy socks and slippers with me too for extra comfort.


Finding the perfect travel jumper is hard. I’ve found that a long cardigan is perfect for long journeys. You can wear it as a sweater, lay it over you like a blanket, or bundle it up around your neck like a scarf.

Compression socks

On a more serious note, you should always travel with compression socks, especially for long haul flights.

Water bottle

I highly recommend getting a reusable water bottle for your travels. Many airports now have water filling stations after security and the flight attendants will always fill up your bottle if you ask.

While it may mean extra trips to the lavatory, drinking lots of water before and during your flight can help with jet lag and fatigue.


Eye cream

Tired eyes can be a side effect of travelling. I recommend bringing an eye cream to use before and during your flight, boat trip or car journey. This will help combat dark circles and puffiness.

Tinted moisturiser

A good tinted moisturiser has the coverage benefits of a foundation and the moisturising qualities of face lotion so it’s definitely a must for travelling.

Chargers and headphones

Do not forget to bring your chargers with you. Don’t put them in your checked luggage if you’re on a flight. Likewise, don’t put them in a suitcase that’s in the overhead compartment. Carry them with you at all times if possible.

Don’t forget the obvious

Remember to keep all your important documents together in a passport holder or wallet. Normally these document holders can carry all your important information plus multiple credit cards. Sometimes you can even stow your phone in the front pocket.


Try Cadbury Dairy Milk with 30pc less sugar today. It’s the perfect treat for travelling.


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