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So recently i was contacted by Your Smile Direct and i couldnt be happier to be teaming up with them for the next while. Keeping my teeth in good condition is always a priority of mine. When i was 12 i had braces as my teeth were so bad so since getting them off 12 years ago ive always worn my retainer and tried to keep them looking their best. Obviously alot can change over time and especially in 12 years so of course my teeth are not as straight as they used to be. Now dont get me wrong i love my teeth and there really is nothing wrong with them bit they have slightly moved so i want to get them back in shape and as straight as they can be. 


Ive just completed step one which is simple and you just order your easy-to-do Home Smile Kit and take your dental impressions from the comfort of your own home. Once you have completed the moulds using only one set of moulds firstly (incase you have to retake save the second) you take a photo of them and send them to your smile checker via email. Once the Smile Checker has given you the go ahead you can send on your moulds to the clinic. I have just sent off my moulds so i am waiting on my algniers to arrive which i cant wait for. I think the normal process is to change your algniers every 2 weeks for 20 weeks and by the end youll have a perfect smile.

I will be posting my journey on my instagram and keeping you up to date with my process. You can follow me on my instagram to keep up to date and see how i get on with my smile journey  FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM HERE




A lifestyle change for better skin

Hello Everyone,
HAPPY MONDAY! Today is just a short quick update of how I’m getting on with my Skinade Journey.
As the beauty industry is full of lots of different anti-aging products that claim to make your skin look younger and of course flawless.


Miniso Ireland have just launched their FIRST IRISH Store and its in DUBLIN

Hey Guys

Recently I teamed up with MINISO Ireland for the launch of their new store. Japanese designed lifestyle brand MINISO launched their very first Irish store in Dublin in the Jervis Shopping Centre. The store is Located on Level 1 of the shopping centre, and has been open to the public since 11th May 2019.

This very popular lifestyle shop known for its quirky products has over 3,000 stores worldwide. In store, you can find a little bit of EVERYTHING from fun household and daily life essentials to super cute stationery, colourful electronics and lots of gifts to choose from. The range is super cute and I've attached some photos for you guys to see just what the store has to offer.

For any kiddies out there, there is an impressive toy series, plenty of school and college essentials and a whole selection of must-have health & beauty products too, as well as their award-winning travel essentials and accessories perfect for any up and coming summer holidays you may have planned over the next few weeks. The best thing about MINISO is that everything is so affordable and prices start from as little as just €1

If you haven't checked out the store yet be sure to pop in soon and pick up some bargains as well don't forget to follow @MINISO_IRELAND on Instagram

Let me know what you guys think
Much Love,
Ciara Xxx


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